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Pharma Medical USA. Is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, and develops OTC (over the counter) innovative, affordable, and safe medicines, we strive to transform and simplify care for people around the world.

Pharma Medical USA is dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative, life-changing medicines for patients with a wide range of diseases.

Our approach to drug discovery is driven by deep scientific expertise, and an urgency to deliver effective treatments to thousands of patients who have few or no therapeutic options.

Pharma Medical USA is focused on developing a high-quality OTC (over the counter) medications, and OTC medicated creams for treating patient’s diseases and their symptoms.

Our pharmaceuticals pipeline and investigational drugs includes OTC (over the counter) treatments for a large spectrum of diseases and illnesses.

Pharma Medical USA is also a leader in products that address the effect of skin allergies symptoms, Dermatitis, Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema), contact dermatitis, and Anti-Aging.

Our commitment to developing best-in-class treatment regimens for patients is only part of Pharma Medical USA success equation. We maximize the value we bring into a physician’s office by making it as easy as possible to minimize patient burden. We collaborate with patients’ teams of healthcare providers on problem solving and deliver service in a way that aims to eliminate barriers and clear the hurdles so that those in need have access to our medicines.







Pharma Medical USA offers an industry-leading innovative, high-quality, and affordable FDA approved Medication, and Over-the-Counter (OTC) treatments.















Pharma Medical USA products can help patients around the world and help them live longer, and healthier lives.



Product Quality & Good Manufacturing Practice

Pharma Medical USA ensures compliance by testing and monitoring the quality of the medicated creams and their applications in which they are manufactured for the medical industries guidelines and regulations.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a regulatory guideline imposed on all manufacturers of pharmaceuticals to ensure that finished products have the identity, strength, quality and purity they are required to have.

GMP describes the methods, the controls, the equipment and facilities that must be put into place for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.Pharma Medical USA has an ongoing auditing program and verifies continuous adherence to GMP standards.

We are Industry Captains

Improving people’s health and quality of lives worldwide.

Pharma Medical USA is committed to improving the health and quality of patients’ lives worldwide. We focus on the sales of quality specialty of branded pharmaceutical-grade topicals around the world.

Quality is the responsibility of every Pharma Medical USA team member. It is achieved by teamwork and commitment. The name Pharma Medical USA represents quality for our employees, our customers and the industries in which we work.

Commitment & Innovation

Pharma Medical USA is committed to working with physicians, healthcare professionals and patients to deliver innovative and meaningful treatments that help people around the world live longer, happier, healthier lives.













Alternative medical care that is much less intrusive to the body and easier to administer. Many people struggle with the idea of serious medical treatments. Pharma Medical USA, can help your patients with peace of mind with a much easier treatment.

Research & Development

Pharma Medical USA has invested thousands of hours or research and development to find the best ingredients that can help your patients symptoms without serious side-effects.


Proven scientific data backed by facts. Creams produced in laboratories and tested ethically by professional scientist. Our creams are top notch and your patients will thank you.


Not just an alternative medication that can be purchased OTC but an effective treatment of many known symptoms and diseases.





















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